We provide detailing for a variety of vehicle types.


It does not matter the size of the vehicle or type. We have professionals that can clean it. We can detail it at our shop or at your location. Call us for an appointment today!


We Now Offer Paint Correction

Pricing: *

Hand Wash: (Hand wash, clear coat protection, doorjambs & tire dress)

Cars: $20 / Pickup Trucks & SUV's: $25 / Lifted Trucks: $35

Basic IN&OUT: (Hand wash, vacuum, interior wipe down, doorjambs, clean windows, outside trim conditioning & tire dress)

Cars: $40 / Pickup Trucks & SUV's: $60

Mini Detail Special: (Hand wash, hand wax, vacuum, interior detail, treat inside, doorjambs, clean windows & dress tires)

Cars: $100 / Pickup Trucks & SUV's: $110

Full Detail Special: (Hand wash, hand wax, vacuum, interior detail, motor clean (customer's choice), doorjambs, shampoo carpet, headliner treatment, leather/cloth seats cleaned, windows cleaned inside/out, exterior trim treated & dress tires)

Cars: $135 / Pickup Trucks & SUV's: $150

Hand Wash & Wax: (Hand wash, doorjambs & hand wax)

Cars: $50 / Pickup Trucks & SUV's: $80

Call us for a price quote on boats, RV's and other large vehicles. Prices listed above are subject to change due to size of vehicle and complexity of the job.

Additional services include:

Claybar Treatment: $75 and up

Carpet Shampoo: $30 and up

Seat Shampoo: $30 and up

Carpet Dying: $50 and up

Plastic Restoring: $50 and up

Headliner Cleaning: $20 and up

Leather Dye: $80 and up

Headlight Restoration: $50 and up

Hard water Spot Removal: $50 and up

Paint Protection: $200 and up

*Pricing is subject to the condition of your vehicle. We charge extra to remove pet hair.


Fleet Programs to Improve Your Business


Transport Studios has been using Tally's Panhandle Detail since they began operation. Being a mobile company, our vehicles not only advertise our business, but attract future customers. Through its fleet program, Tally's Panhandle Detail manages and maintains a detailing schedule for us to ensure our fleet always looks its best.

Contact John Lambert at 850-228-9932 to obtain a quote for your fleet and discuss how Tally's Panhandle Detail can maintain your fleet.


Find us at the Bradfordville Chevron station.

6653 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309

(850) 228-9932